The President and the members of the Community Council of Argaka that were elected during the municipal elections of 18/12/2016 are:


Full Name: Spiros Pelopidas  (President)
Telephone: 99040375
Full Name: Savvas Pourouzanis (Vice-President)
Telephone: 99579151

The members of the Community Council are:

Full Name: George Efstathiou
Telephone: 99683081  
Full Name: Jordan Kyprianou
Telephone: 99481282
Full Name: Panikos Papapetrou
Telephone: 99693927
Full Name: Vagazis Michael
Telephone: 99683689
Full Name: Giannakis Christodoulou
Telephone: 99452911
Full Name: Pantelis Papachristodoulou
Telephone: 99476394
Full Name: Zacharias Antoniou
Telephone: 99455754