Ayios Georgios chapel is built in the woods southeast of the community, about three-four kilometres away from the village. It is believed that the chapel is in the area where the village of Eso Makounta used to be. The passing of time resulted in the chapel’s destruction. 

In 1989, the inhabitants’ contribution made possible the building of a new chapel in the exact location of the old one. The chapel is built out of bricks and it is painted white. Its chaste style, square shape and arched roof are its dominant features. It is very small and can receive only twenty people. 

Internally, it has no frescoes only a simple, wooden iconostasis with four icons. There is no belfry either. Mass is celebrate two-three times a year. The feast day of Saint George is celebrated by the community of Argaka on the 23rd of April. Vespers are chanted at the village’s main church. On the 23rd of April mass is celebrated at the chapel and the procession of the Saint’s icon takes place.